April 2015

Switching Gears on MSC Divina

Stepping off of Norwegian Getaway this morning and onto MSC Divina two hours later provides a jarring juxtaposition that points up the hardware differentiation among the megaships in the market today.  While Norwegian Getaway is wildly fun, attractive and features an over-the-top, amusement park-like top deck, MSC Divina is all about Italian style.  Beautiful and …

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Lido Leads the Way on Getaway

Bucking convention as the quick and convenient but not always quality Lido buffet, lunchtime spreads in the deck 15 Garden Cafe provide a surprisingly nice variety of ethnic foods, with the Indian and Asian dishes being particularly tasty.  Other interesting and notable menu items include braised oxtail, okra stew, ground lamb kebabs, lemon chicken and …

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