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MSC World Europa Offers Sneak Peek at MSC World America

Travelmarket Report- April 4, 2024

MSC Cruises boldly calls MSC World Europa “the future of cruising,” and after spending a week aboard the vessel in early March, we can attest that the boast isn’t just marketing hype.

BLOG: Beverage Programs Hyper-Focused on Bar Takeovers, Sustainability, Vineyard-Specific Pairings and Exotic Teas

Seatrade Cruise News- April 3, 2024

David Yeskel, who has covered the cruise industry for over 25 years – often writing with a focus on F&B topics – shares his experiences from several recent sailings in a series of stories for Seatrade Cruise.

Las Vegas’ Upscale Food Halls: the Class of 2024

Travelmarket Report- March 11, 2024

As further proof that Las Vegas’ upscale food-hall trend is barreling along on a sharply upward trajectory, these four new eateries are testament to the fact that new and existing properties are eschewing the iconic Vegas buffet in favor of multi-ethnic food halls that promise something for everyone – cooked to order.

BLOG: New Onboard Dining Concepts Making a Splash

Seatrade Cruise News- March 6, 2024

David Yeskel, who has covered the cruise industry for over 25 years – often writing with a focus on F&B topics – shares his experiences from several recent sailings in a series of stories for Seatrade Cruise.

Unexpected Luxury at New Off-Strip Durango Casino & Resort

Travelmarket Report- February 13, 2024

Locals-focused casino resorts fill a niche in Las Vegas that many visitors may not be aware of – or appreciate, but these off-strip properties play a significant role in the Las Vegas metro area’s gaming and hospitality sector.

BLOG: Specialty Restaurants Mature, Evolve With Sophistication

Seatrade Cruise News- January 24, 2024

David Yeskel, who has covered the cruise industry for over 25 years – often writing with a focus on F&B topics – shares his experiences from several recent sailings in a series of stories for Seatrade Cruise.

What to Expect From Holland America’s New Morimoto By Sea Dining Experience

TravelAge West - January 24, 2024

Celebrity-chef branded restaurants at sea have typically served a dual purpose: to draw attention to cruise lines’ culinary programs by creating demand from new-to-cruise guests, and simultaneously satisfying brand-loyal passengers with tantalizing new options.

The Wait Was Worth it for Fontainebleau Las Vegas

Travelmarket Report - January 19, 2024

The opening of the 67-story, 3,644-room Fontainebleau Las Vegas in December was the culmination of an incredibly long and winding financial road, stretching back to February 2007, when construction began – just in time for the Great Recession to put a halt to the unfinished project two years later.

More of 2023’s Best Bets in Las Vegas Hotels, Dining, Shows & More

Travelmarket Report - December 14, 2023

The Las Vegas hospitality sector didn’t just survive the pandemic, it came roaring back in 2023 with new and upgraded products designed to lure ever more visitors to the city’s accommodations, food-and-beverage outlets, casinos, shows, and attractions. And because there were so many outstanding products spawned by the continuous innovation that defined the Las Vegas tourism sector this past year, this story will run in two parts.

2023’s Best Bets in Las Vegas Hotels, Dining, Shows & More

Travelmarket Report - December 12, 2023

The Las Vegas hospitality sector didn’t just survive the pandemic, it came roaring back in 2023 with new and upgraded products designed to lure ever more visitors to the city’s accommodations, food-and-beverage outlets, casinos, shows, and attractions. And because there were so many outstanding products spawned by the continuous innovation that defined the Las Vegas tourism sector this past year, this story will run in two parts. Part II coming soon.

Stretched for success: Windstar’s enhanced Star Plus class ships now cruising’s best-kept secret

Travelweek - December 11, 2023

ONBOARD STAR BREEZE — Windstar Cruises’ US$250-million Star Plus Initiative – a pandemic-era investment that stretched the line’s three power yachts to add 50 suites, two additional restaurants, new and enlarged public areas and completely redesigned cabin bathrooms – was certainly impressive in its scope and breadth.

Resorts World Las Vegas More Than the Sum of its Parts

Travelmarket Report - November 20, 2023

The opening of Genting Group’s $4.3 billion Resorts World Las Vegas project in mid-2021 marked the culmination of a long and often arduous development process, while simultaneously kick-starting a revitalization of the then-moribund North Strip area. Now that the minimally Asian-themed resort has two-plus years of experience, it’s a good time to take stock of the property’s current offerings and assess its place within the Las Vegas hospitality landscape.

An Inside Look at Enchanted Princess' Upgraded Onboard Cuisine

TravelAge West - November 4, 2023

What a difference a year makes. When I sailed on the inaugural voyage of Discovery Princess in spring 2022, nearly everything about the sixth (and final) ship in Princess Cruises’ Royal Class was impressive — except for the cuisine. With a few exceptions, I felt the culinary experience was not up to the line’s previous lofty standards.

Three Small Las Vegas Shows Worth a Look

Travelmarket Report - October 12, 2023

In the Las Vegas show ecosphere, the grand spectaculars on the Strip justifiably draw lots of attention. After all, Strip entertainment juggernaut Cirque du Soleil’s six beautiful shows and celebrity music residencies at Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts’ showrooms draw massive crowds to the city – especially on weekends. But some of Vegas’ more intimate shows, featuring incredible talents that have honed their craft over decades, deserve notice.

The Top Gourmet Buffets Return to the Las Vegas Strip

Travelmarket Report - September 13, 2023

During the dark, early days of the COVID-19 pandemic’s complete shutdown of the Las Vegas hospitality sector, the city’s casino-resort managers were relatively sure of one thing: self-service buffets were unlikely to return. After all, the mere specter of hundreds of guests crowded together, hovering over food displays while sharing serving utensils was enough to dampen thoughts of a buffet resurgence.

What to Expect at Las Vegas' New Sphere Entertainment Venue

TravelAge West - September 10, 2023

The Las Vegas hospitality and entertainment business can be a cruel mistress. Just when a casino-resort or attraction operator believes they have the biggest, baddest, coolest (fill in the blank) on the Strip, something new comes along that’s bigger, badder and, yes, cooler. That something is now Sphere, and it may be a while before it’s dethroned as “the next big thing.”

What's New at Wynn Las Vegas: Luxury in Focus

Travelmarket Report - August 15, 2023

Catering to the demanding needs of today’s luxury travelers isn’t easy, which explains why management at Wynn Las Vegas continuously strives to refresh, improve and update the property’s hospitality products to ensure they maintain a level of quality equal to – or better than – their peers in Vegas’ competitive, top-end niche. The following is a roundup of notable enhancements that surfaced at the property in the last year and a half.

What's New at MGM Resorts' Las Vegas Properties

Travelmarket Report - July 13, 2023

The only dependable constant in Las Vegas is change, and it seemingly occurs almost daily here. Even the COVID-19 pandemic couldn’t stop – or slow down – MGM Resorts’ relentless stream of hospitality product launches, updates and enhancements. The last couple of years have been full speed ahead for MGM’s Vegas portfolio, as the following highlight reel aptly illustrates.

The SAHARA Las Vegas Returns to Relevance

Travelmarket Report - June 12, 2023

Once legendary in Las Vegas – home base to The Beatles, Liberace, Elvis, and other mid-century luminaries – the SAHARA slowly faded into irrelevance during the ‘80s and ‘90s, finally closing in 2011.

One Year In, Mad Apple Parties on at New York-New York

Travelmarket Report - May 19, 2023

The travel industry’s early pandemic shutdown in 2020 was a particularly brutal hit for Las Vegas. After all, the mega-resorts and mega-conventions that define the city represented the exact antithesis of the quarantine ethos.

Review: MSC Meraviglia

TravelAge West - April 30, 2023

While the steady pace of new ship deliveries in the cruise industry over the past 10 years has been impressive, the comparatively meteoric growth of MSC Cruises during the same period is unprecedented.

Horseshoe Las Vegas Rebrand Focuses on Gaming, Food, and Value

Travelmarket Report - April 17, 2023

Playing the hotel name-game in Las Vegas requires a bit of history – and, of course, context – especially when it comes to the recent rebranding of Bally’s Las Vegas into Horseshoe Las Vegas.

NEW SHIP REVIEW: The 4,540-passenger MSC Seascape “is a stunner”

Travelweek - March 13, 2023

ONBOARD MSC SEASCAPE — When I sailed on MSC Divina during her 2015 stint in Miami, MSC Cruises’ seasonal deployment of one mid-sized vessel hardly caused a ripple in the massive Caribbean cruise market.

Innovation, Infusion & Cutting-Edge Tools Propelling Onboard Beverage Evolution

Seatrade Cruise News - March 9, 2023

David Yeskel, shares the exciting new beverage trends he’s experienced on board several recent sailings.

Las Vegas Food Hall Trend Fills a Niche

Travelmarket Report - March 9, 2023

The Las Vegas hospitality sector’s propensity for invention – and more importantly, reinvention – certainly helps to drive about 40 million annual visitors to the city. And the cutthroat competition on the Strip not only ensures a nonstop parade of new and upgraded accommodations, shows, and attractions; but it has also turned Sin City into a world-class culinary destination.

F&B Sustainability at Sea a Work in Progress

Seatrade Cruise News - February 16, 2023

The Las Vegas hospitality sector’s propensity for invention – and more importantly, reinvention – certainly helps to drive about 40 million annual visitors to the city. And the cutthroat competition on the Strip not only ensures a nonstop parade of new and upgraded accommodations, shows, and attractions; but it has also turned Sin City into a world-class culinary destination.

Trends, Talent and Increased Food Spend Driving Onboard Culinary Options

Seatrade Cruise News - January 25, 2023

David Yeskel, with over 25 years of experience in the cruise industry, shares his F&B dining experiences on board several recent sailings.

Caesars Entertainment Delivers on LV Strip Enhancements, Upgrades

Travel-Intel - January 18, 2023

Caesars Entertainment, with nine casino-resorts in Las Vegas, must continually upgrade and enhance its hospitality offerings in order to stay relevant on the hyper-competitive Strip.  And despite the pandemic, Caesars Entertainment powered on to deliver enhancements, upgrades and new dining outlets at its properties.  Here’s the latest on what the country’s largest gaming operator has recently introduced, and what’s on tap for the near future.

Celebrity Solstice: Asia’s Loss is LA’s Gain

Travel-Intel - December 12th, 2022

Celebrity Solstice is cruising into action as cruise lines bring their fleets back into service. Some vessels’ scheduled for home ports abroad are being relocated where original schedules and itineraries may not be practical – or necessarily desirable – right now.

Recent Sailing on Carnival Panorama is Proof: Carnival is Back, Along with All the Fun – Travel Week, Oct. 11, 2022

Most U.S-based cruise lines have now returned their entire fleets to service. But for some the onboard experience has lagged behind due to a variety of reasons – COVID protocols, staffing shortages and port restrictions, among others.
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Cruise Cuisine: Top 10 Don’t-Miss Dishes on HAL’s Newest Ships – Travel-Intel, Sep. 9, 2022

Offering what is arguably the finest cuisine in the cruise industry’s premium segment, Holland America Line’s (HAL) ships are a literal feast for the senses, largely thanks to the vision and creativity of Rudi Sodamin, HAL’s longtime Master Chef, who oversees the line’s culinary program.
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Wynn Las Vegas Award Tour: Review – Travel-Intel, Aug. 22, 2022

Wynn Las Vegas continues to makes its mark on the Las Vegas hospitality landscape that is already rich with high-end, luxury hotels, pampering spas and gourmet restaurants. But apparently Wynn’s stand-outs are strong enough to gain the continued attention of the prestigious Forbes Travel Guide.
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The Best Dayclubs and Pool Parties in Las Vegas for Summer 2022 – TravelAge West, Jul. 10, 2022

Las Vegas may have seen two relatively quiet summers over the past couple of pandemic years, but for 2022, the pool party/dayclub scene is heating up fast. The city’s top venues are once again competing to attract partygoers willing to shell out for bottle service, food, daybeds, cabanas and bungalows while enjoying tunes from top DJs and live artists.
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MedallionClassTtech Powers Discovery Princess Inaugural – Travel Week, Apr. 18, 2022

If my experience sailing on the inaugural voyage of Princess Cruises’ Discovery Princess last month was a harbinger for the cruise industry’s embrace of cutting-edge technology, I can’t wait to see what’s next as the line’s MedallionClass tech platform matures.
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What’s New in Las Vegas for 2022 – TravelAge West, Apr. 11, 2022

While many of the world’s top resort destinations effectively remained in suspended animation during the COVID-19 pandemic, Las Vegas’ famed hospitality sector continued to evolve, innovate and improve over the last two years. Following are a few of the most notable recent product introductions and enhancements by The Strip’s two largest casino-resort operators: MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment.
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Oceania Cruises Puts the Focus on Fine Food – TravelAge West, Feb. 05, 2022

In what could be called a doubly delicious comeback, Oceania Cruises’ recent return to service leans heavily into the line’s epicurean ethos with updated restaurant menus; new 24-hour, in-room dining options; gourmet ice cream; intimate wine-pairing dinners; copious amounts of Maine lobster; and a new “Souffle of the Day” — further raising the bar for the competition in the industry’s upper-premium segment.
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Princess Cruises Stages Royal Comback on West Coast – Travel-Intel, Dec. 15, 2021

As cruise ships start sailing again with the industry laser-focused on safety, cruise lines must carefully balance that overarching goal with the need to satisfy their guests with an experience at least equivalent to — or greater than — the pre-pandemic standard. It’s certainly not easy, but Princess Cruises seems to have found that sweet spot, based on my recent 7-day voyage on Majestic Princess from L.A. to Mexico.
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An Inside Look at Seabourn’s Successful ‘Bubble’ Restart in the Caribbean – TravelAge West, Nov. 04, 2021

After stressing over the meticulously prescribed health declarations and medical protocols necessary to board Seabourn Cruise Line’s Seabourn Odyssey in Barbados for its 2021 restart, the sheer normality of the actual onboard experience was a surprising relief.
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Cruise Now? “Cruise Guru” Says Yes! – Business Traveler USA, Oct. 16, 2021

As guests stepped aboard Seabourn Odyssey in Barbados for her first, return-to-service cruise late this summer, their arrival signaled the kickoff of a successful restart for the ultra-luxury cruise line in the Caribbean. But that wasn’t all.
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Hotel Check: Virgin Hotels Las Vegas part of Curio Collection by Hilton – Business Traveler USA, June 23, 2021

All Chambers (Virgin’s term for its hotel rooms) and suites feature the company’s patented, ergonomically-designed “Virgin Hotels Signature Bed,” conceived as a way to work comfortably by using a padded headboard (conveniently set at a 120-degree angle) to facilitate sitting up with a laptop.
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Virgin Hotels in Las Vegas: Insider’s Glance – Business Traveler USA, June 22, 2021

Business Traveler USA reporter David Yeskel interviewed Richard “Boz” Bosworth, President and CEO of JC Hospitality, owner of Virgin Hotels Las Vegas as well as Joe Hasson, Casino General Manager for Mohegan Sun Casino Las Vegas at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas at its May opening…
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Seas of Tranquility – Private yacht charters refine the art of social distancing – Business Traveler USA, Sept. 30, 2020

In recent years, upmarket travelers have gravitated to small-ship ocean and river cruising, both of which offer the sought-after combination of relative intimacy, personalized service, gourmet, prepared-to-order cuisine and soft adventure excursions.
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Top Deck: Luxury Cruising is Launching New Designs and Extraordinary Experiences – at Sea, on the Rivers and Ashore – Business Traveler USA, Feb. 28, 2020

In a seemingly never-ending game of one-upmanship, luxury cruise lines are raising the bar on their offerings – from cuisine and accommodations to onboard service and active adventures ashore – in an attempt to woo new-to-cruise guests while holding onto repeat customers. And fortunately for travelers, this high-stakes maritime battleground shows no sign of abating.
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Cruise Review: Oceania Cruises Insignia – TravelAge West, Feb. 9, 2020

I knew that Oceania Cruises was unofficially dubbed the “foodie cruise line,” but what I didn’t realize — until I was onboard the reimagined Insignia — was how deeply the company’s culinary ethos permeates the entire experience. It’s certainly not an exaggeration to say that dining is the primary focal point on Oceania’s ships, and the guests on my sailing stayed true to that theme by buzzing about what they’d eaten the previous night — and what was on tap for tonight.
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Incredible Innovation at Sea: What’s New Aboard Seabourn Cruises, Holland America Line and Norwegian Cruise Line – Gluten-Free Living, Dec. 24, 2019

Possibly more than any other segment of the travel industry, the cruise sector adheres to the well-worn maxim that sharks live by: keep moving or die. That forward progress – in cruise ship design, operation, culinary prowess (including gluten-free options), and service delivery – implies innovation on a scale and at a pace unrivaled by land-based resorts.
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Sailing with Celebrity Cruises on the Pacific Coast – TravelAge West, October 13, 2019

Once seemingly considered an afterthought by cruise lines — or merely a seasonal repositioning necessity — West Coast cruising has recently come into its own as a legitimate itinerary option.
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Culinary Heaven at Sea: Thomas Keller Sails With Seabourn –, August 1, 2019

In a never-ending battle for culinary supremacy on the high seas, Seabourn Cruises fired a shot across the bow of the competition in the luxury sector by partnering with Michelin-starred chef Thomas Keller in 2015.
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What’s Hot in Las Vegas Right Now – Gluten-Free Living, July 15, 2019

If the ever-shifting sands just outside this desert resort were a metaphor for Las Vegas’ constantly-evolving hospitality landscape, the dizzying changes that have taken place this past year in the city’s casino-resorts would approximate a blinding sandstorm.
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Hotel Review: NoMad Las Vegas – TravelAge West, June 6, 2019

I can’t say that I intentionally avoided Monte Carlo Resort and Casino during past trips to Las Vegas. There just wasn’t a compelling reason to visit the Strip property — except, that is, for the little-known Hotel 32, a hotel-within-a-hotel product that resonated with a faithful clientele.
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Costa Caribbean Cruise: A Window to Italy –, March 1, 2019

I’ll be honest. I knew that a 7-day Caribbean sailing on Costa Cruises’ Costa Deliziosa would be different from competing mass-market ships sailing out of South Florida. I just never imagined it would be that different. In fact, it’s more than a cruise experience; I’d actually describe it as a taste of Italy – just a lot closer to home.
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HAL’s – Nieuw Statendam Raises the Bar on Premium Cruising –, Feb. 1, 2019

If you were smitten – as I was – by the new, modern look and feel of Holland America Line’s (HAL) Koningsdam upon her debut in 2016, prepare for the love affair to continue with a just-delivered sister ship, Nieuw Statendam.
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The 10 Best Gluten-Free Bites in Las Vegas – Gluten-Free Living, Jan. 11, 2019

Luckily for us, special diet accommodation has become de rigueur in Vegas, making the dining experience that much more delicious. Thus, here are my current picks for the 10 best gluten-free bites in Las Vegas.
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Family-Friendly River Cruising Aboard AmaViola – TravelAge West, Oct. 14, 2018

As little as five years ago, the terms “river cruise” and “family travel” seemed mutually exclusive, as river cruise operators typically catered to mature guests beyond their child-rearing years.  However, that’s now changing, and AmaWaterways is leading the way….
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Windstar’s Power Yachts:  A Best-Kept Secret –, March 15, 2018

Small ship, boutique line Windstar Cruises has always been synonymous with its three sailing ships, gorgeous vessels that give passengers goosebumps when the massive, computer-controlled sails unfurl to the tune of Vangelis’ stirring “Conquest of Paradise”.  But a game-changer for Windstar was actually the line’s 2015 acquisition of Seabourn’s original trio of 212-passenger ships, now dubbed the “All-Suite Power Yachts.”
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Five Foodie-Fave Cruise Lines that Appeal to Gluten Free Travelers-Gluten Free Living, April 11, 2018

Cruise Guru David Yeskel rounds up 5 foodie-fave cruise lines that go out of their way to appeal to gluten-free travelers with delicious menu options.
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A Look at Holland America Line’s New Cuba Sailing-Travel Age West, February 18, 2018

Unwrapping the package of rich history and culture that Cuba presents U.S. travelers is a fascinating, multisensory experience — and one that was demonstrated clearly during my seven-day Authentic Cuba sailing onboard HAL’s Veendam.
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2017 Best Bets – Travel Weekly, December 20, 2017

With constant innovation, boundless imagination and immense talent driving the hospitality sector in Las Vegas, it’s no wonder the city is still the envy of other destinations.
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The Alla Tours Advantage in St. Petersburg –, Nov. 15, 2017

When visiting St. Petersburg by cruise ship, going with a local tour operator has its advantages, as a recent experience with Alla Tours shows.
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Norwegian’s Freestyle Cruising Lets Gluten-Free Guests Rest Easy – Gluten-Free Living, May 19, 2017

Entire 14-ship fleet caters to gluten-free guests safely and responsibly.
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Renewed and refreshed: Vegas’s Best Bets 2016 – Travel Weekly, January 12, 2017

Best Bets 2016 pays tribute to some impressively refreshed and renewed products!
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How Holland America Line is Enhancing Its West Coast Offerings – Travel Age West, December 4, 2016

Westerdam docks in San Diego and brings increased capacity to the Mexican Riviera
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Luxury Cruising Becomes More Inclusive for the Whole Family – Travel Age West, October 09, 2016

Crystal Cruises proves that it’s possible to have a high-end cruise experience for kids, too
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Gluten-Free Cruising Can Be Safe and Fun – Gluten-Free Living Magazine, August 2016

David Yeskel provides dining advice for travelers with celiac disease or a gluten intolerance. Shipboard dining offers many options while cruising!
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Cruise Review: Holland America Line’s Koningsdam – Travel Age West, June 5, 2016

“With the recent launch of the groundbreaking 2,650-passenger Koningsdam, Holland America Line (HAL) has — in one fell swoop — refreshed and reenergized the brand with a musical hub, an elevated destination focus and culinary enhancements. “
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Gourmet Meets Buffet on the Strip – Travel Weekly, May 12, 2016

“In a perpetual game of one-upmanship that evolves in rapid-fire fashion, Las Vegas’ top casino-resorts continually push the envelope to merge gourmet cuisine and buffets, a combination typically considered mutually exclusive in other destinations. “
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Holland America Line’s Modern Refit – Travel Age West, March 7, 2016

“Holland America Line (HAL)’s recent refit of Eurodam — a harbinger for newbuild Koningsdam and the rest of the fleet — is nothing short of transformational.”
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Carnival Miracle’s Fun Ship 2.0 Upgrades a Hit – Real Family Trips, March 2016

“Like all major cruise lines, Carnival’s growth model is dependent on new ships coming into the vacation pipeline, thus stimulating demand for new cruisers. It’s a tried-and-true method that’s worked well for the industry. But the lines also realize that they must continually invest heavily to refurbish their older ships, enhancing them with features found on newer vessels. “
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Why Carnival Miracle Is More Fun Than Ever – Travel Age West, February 2016

“The prime motivator for applying Fun Ship 2.0 upgrades to Carnival Miracle couldn’t have been increasing market share — Carnival Cruise Lines essentially owns the market, with year-round, seven-day Mexico sailings from Los Angeles.”
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Heading for Vegas? Don’t Miss These Attractions – Travel Weekly Asia, December 2015

“When the dust settled from last year’s rush of resort openings, revamps and rebrands, the Las Vegas hospitality landscape was once again transformed. Thus, while my 2015 edition of Best Bets is foremost a compendium of outstanding products, it’s also a tribute to Vegas-style evolution. “
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Las Vegas Best Bets – Travel Weekly, November 2015

“When the dust settled from last year’s rush of resort openings, revamps and rebrands, the Las Vegas hospitality landscape was once again transformed. Thus, while my 2015 edition of Best Bets is foremost a compendium of outstanding products, it’s also a tribute to Vegas-style evolution. “
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MSC Divina Brings the Med to the Caribbean – TravelAge West, June 2015

“No line has felt the challenge of achieving balance in catering to a varied demographic more acutely than MSC Cruises, whose single ship in the Caribbean, MSC Divina, has battled the industry’s heavyweights in a David versus Goliath-like fashion since its Miami debut in 2013”
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Lido Leads on Norwegian Getaway –, May 2015

“Is the Lido the new high seas culinary battleground? As mass market cruise lines have steadily improved the quality and selection of their main dining room fare, their attention seems to be turning to the vitally important – but oft-disregarded – Lido casual dining operation.”
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Carnival LIVE Rocks the House at Sea –, October 2014

“In a continuing effort to ratchet up the quality of its onboard entertainment offerings, Carnival this year introduced the Carnival LIVE Concert Series, an initiative that appears to be paying dividends among the line’s core passenger base while also appealing to first-time cruisers.”
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Dancing with the Stars Fans Find Rhythm on HAL –, October 2014

“Doubling down on what has proven to be a big hit among passengers and agents alike, Holland America Line (HAL) is waltzing through the second year of its “Dancing with the Stars: At Sea” (DWTS) program.”
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2014’s Best Bets in hotels, shows and more – Travel Weekly, September 2014

“Finally free from the shackles of the recession, Las Vegas hit the reboot button in 2014 with construction restarts, restaurant openings, room renovations and property debuts.”
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HAL’s Caribbean Cruises: for More than Fun & Sun –, March 2014

“Contrary to popular notion, experiential travel and Caribbean cruising are not mutually exclusive. “
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Las Vegas’ 2013 Best Bets in shows, food, rooms – Travel Weekly, December 2013

“Since accommodations, dining and entertainment now represent a significant piece of the revenue pie, my 2013 edition of Las Vegas’ Best Bets is dedicated to outstanding products in those categories.”
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Airlift, experiences part of Fiji’s strategy to lure U.S. visitors – Travel Weekly, August 2013

“Fiji, an 11-hour flight from Los Angeles, has taken steps meant to kick-start tourism from the U.S. beginning this summer.”
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Holland America Transforms Onboard Cuisine – TravelAge West, June 2013

“Chef Rudi Sodamin revamps dining on Holland America through his Culinary Council initiative.”
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Las Vegas resorts’ gourmet buffets elevating indulgence – Travel Weekly, February 2013

“Gourmet dining, historically out of reach for the budget and midscale Vegas visitor, is now widely available in an all-you-can-eat format.”
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Where best in class meets best value in Las Vegas – Travel Weekly, October 2012

“In post-recession Las Vegas, value remains the primary watchword as applied to the daily tourist spend, followed closely by luxury.”
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A weak condo market gives rise to upscale rentals on the Strip – Travel Weekly, September 2012

“The softness — some would call it a collapse — in condo sales on the Las Vegas Strip has had a silver lining: the availability of large, residential suites in nongaming properties now sold as hotel inventory in a rebounding market.”
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From Campy to culinary, ample options for indulging excesses – Travel Weekly, July 2012

“The recent redo at the north Strip landmark, however, aims to draw us back in for something more than sheer spectacle: luxury.”
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Several standout options for chilling out or chowing down – Travel Weekly, August 2012

“Like the nearby desert’s ever-shifting sands, Las Vegas’ hospitality landscape is continually in motion.”
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From accommodations to entertainment, the year’s ‘Best Bets’ – Travel Weekly, October 2010

“Although momentarily staggered by the past year’s drop-off in visitors, Las Vegas’ hospitality industry responds like a still-dangerous, seasoned prizefighter backed into a corner.”
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Dolphin Swim: Cabo Company Says Dive In!, February 2013

“Introduced in 2006 in a prime location just a short walk from the main pier, the Cabo Dolphin Center is a modern, clean and purpose-built facility that’s all about first-world comfort and safety – for both human and dolphin species.”
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Holland America Evening at Le Cirque Dining – Cruisemates, January 2011

“It’s all about the food. As cruise lines across all market segments ratchet up the quality of their cuisine in a never-ending quest for culinary supremacy, the battlefield has become a gourmet zone. And in this modern-day epicurean sea scuffle, Holland America Line has fired the latest shot across the bow of the competition.”
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Belt-tightening tourists can let loose with Harrah’s buffet pass – Travel Weekly, September 2010

“The 180-degree, economically driven refocus in Las Vegas hospitality marketing — a move from ostentatious luxury toward ultimate value — is nowhere more evident than in Harrah’s new Buffet of Buffets promotion.”
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Monte Carlo makes life at the top affordable with Hotel32 – Travel Weekly, September 2009

“Offering yet another Vegas twist on the hotel-within-a-hotel concept, the Monte Carlo Las Vegas Resort and Casino’s just-opened Hotel32 aims to give the unassuming, low-key resort an injection of attitude and style while remaining affordable.”
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Megaships to Mexico – Cruisemates, March 2013

“Top Ten Reasons to Cruise a Megaship to Mexico – on Carnival’s Splendor multiplies guest options.”
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Off-Strip South Point casino a different breed of Vegas resort – Travel Weekly, March 2009

“In the continuing transformation of the Las Vegas gaming and hospitality landscape, two distinct business models predominate.”
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Rio embraces Vegas’ risqué roots with pool club, updated show – Travel Weekly, November 2008

“In a series of moves that further cement Las Vegas’ reputation as an adults-only playground, the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino recently overhauled two pillars of its foundation, the massive lagoon pool and the Masquerade Show in the Sky, giving them a new, sexy allure.”
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Opulence, attention define Millennium mystique – Travel Weekly, September 2008

“For the fifth year in a row, Celebrity Cruises’ four Millennium-class ships… have dominated the large-ship category in Conde Nast Traveler magazine’s annual readers’ survey.”
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From hot waitress outfits to Cools hypnosis, the Best Bets ’08 – Travel Weekly, March 2008

“Offbeat categories, unlikely contenders and solid winners define this survey, which, like Sin City itself, is continually evolving.”
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Cost Cruises adds Italian spice to Caribbean sailings – Travel Weekly, February 2008

“Despite the popular notion that seven-day Caribbean cruises have become a cookie-cutter commodity, some less-familiar products in the market actually cut against that stereotype.”
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The pioneering Mirage takes steps to stay fresh – Travel Weekly, October 2007

“When the Mirage debuted in 1989, its opening heralded the launch of the current generation of Las Vegas destination resorts.”
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Carnival’s short cruises aren’t short on style and quality – Travel Weekly, August 2007

“Short cruises are garnering newfound respect as the lines recognize the strategic value of impressing the increasingly sophisticated entry-level cruiser.”
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Flamingo looks to attract younger guests with edgy makeover – Travel Weekly, July 2007

“In another example of the transformation of Las Vegas hotels, the classic Flamingo Las Vegas has introduced new guest rooms, a revamped show lineup, an adjacent tattoo parlor and a topless pool area.”
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Planet Hollywood Resort gives casino a new look – Travel Weekly, June 2007

“If the just-completed casino revamp at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino is any indication of what’s to come at the former Aladdin Resort & Casino, the transformation is widespread and thorough.”
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The Strip’s best bets, away from the casino floors – Travel Weekly, January 2007

“The best bets in Las Vegas, once limited to gambling, now revolve largely around sensory pleasures driven by accommodations, dining and entertainment.”
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Renovations help Harrah’s Las Vegas keep up with neighbors – Travel Weekly, December 2006

“Once a small fry on the Las Vegas scene, became a major player with its 2005 purchase of Caesars Entertainment.”
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There’s a heart behind the home of quickie weddings – Travel Weekly, October 2006

“Sin City has left its imprint on some of the most efficient, if not effective, unions in history.”
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All-you-can-eat is a high-class affair at newest buffets – Travel Weekly, July 2006

“The following feasts are the best-of-breed in the city’s newest (or newly redone) upscale buffets.”
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Hooters Hotel offers the expected with a few twists – Travel Weekly, May 2006

“Hooters management has expanded that formula at their casino-hotel in Las Vegas by targeting a broader demographic than their core, high-testosterone customer.”
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The best Vegas, from cheap meals to shopping deals – Travel Weekly, April 2006

“Las Vegas occupies its own quirky niche, with many unique categories that include numerous competing qualifiers.”
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For adults only: Risque revues still raising pulses along Strip – Travel Weekly, Febraury 2006

“The lineup of topless revues up and down the Strip is proof-positive that sex is back and sin is in.”
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Strip teases with cutting-edge attractions – Travel Weekly, January 2006

“New York and L.A. might set the trends for the rest of the country, but Las Vegas is in its own cutting-edge league.”
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Venetian exec discusses expansion, restaurants, nongaming revenue – Travel Weekly, July 2005

“Las Vegas contributing writer David Yeskel sat down with Rob Goldstein, president of the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, for a question-and-answer session”
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Venezia at the Venetian adds icing to the cake – Travel Weekly, July 2005

“The bar has been raised again in the Las Vegas luxury accommodations arena with recent additions to Venezia, a hotel-within-a-hotel at the Venetian.”
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Casino redevelopment plans are frill-seeking ventures in the desert – Travel Weekly, June 2005

“The redevelopment direction had always been to pull it down and build it up.”
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Quality-of-life issues at the forefront on island – Travel Weekly, October 2004

“Although New York-to-Bermuda cruises have been operating for years, theres a simple reason for the limited number of ships on that run.”
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Tacky? Campy? Sure, but shows entertain, too – Travel Weekly, September 2004

“Whether they’re trendy, tacky, campy or long-running old-timers, they are all entertaining and cost under $75.”
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Haute is in at many of city’s buffets – Travel Weekly, April 2004

“As Las Vegas resorts continue to go upscale, their dining offerings have followed suit.”
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Sampling the ultralounge, the hip hotel nightspot – Travel Weekly, September 2003

“In the continuing evolution of lounge entertainment, Vegas-style, the ultralounge has been spawned.”
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What’s new up, down and off the strip – Travel Weekly, June 2003

“It’s not easy keeping up with the municipal equivalent of a perpetual-motion machine, but let’s try.”
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Seeking out best bets and hidden treasures – Travel Weekly, May 2003

“It’s not easy keeping up with the municipal equivalent of a perpetual-motion machine, but let’s try.”
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What’s new in the city where grown-ups play – Travel Weekly, April 2003

“In a town where the architectural landscape seems to change faster than the shifting winds, it’s not easy keeping up with current events — Vegas-style.”
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Beyond Just Food – Travel Age West, April 2003

“In Las Vegas, new restaurants are taking dining and entertainment to a new level.”
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Keeping Abreast of Burlesque – Travel Age West, March 2003

“Adult revues complement Las Vegas’ longstanding reputation as a playground for grown-ups.”
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