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Whats New on the Seas Cruising in 2022

Listen to David Yeskel talk about the current cruising environment, Princess MedallionClass technology and Oceania Cruises’ gourmet cuisine on the Travel With Hawkeye podcast . – Travel with Hawkeye. Vancouver. 2/7/2022

Taking a Cruise and Cruising to Alaska

Yeskel talks to Informed Traveler host Randy Sharman about his recent pandemic-related experiences sailing on 3 cruise ships in 3 months. – Informed Traveler, CKNW AM, Vancouver. 1/16/2022

Things You Wont be Able to do on Cruises Anymore

David Yeskel lends his expertise to this timely – and recently updated – story about the future of cruising – Readers Digest. 12/1/2021

Cruise News, Informed Traveler Segment Seabourn Odyssey

David Yeskel, the Cruise Guru, shares his recent experience cruising on the Seabourn Odyssey. The first ultra- luxury ship to start sailing in the Caribbean again during the COVID era. A 14-day “Caribbean Yacht Experience” round-trip from Bridgetown, Barbados. – Informed Traveler, CKNW AM, Vancouver. 9/2/2021

Cruise News, Cruising During Covid – The Safest Vacation Option


Episode 194 – David Yeskel, the Cruise Guru (@CruiseGuru on Twitter) recently returned for a 14 day Caribbean cruise aboard the Seabourn Odyssey. Find out why a cruise might be the safest vacation option out there – Travel With Hawkeye. 8/30/2021

Cruise News, Now Trending: Thriving as a parent and the return of the ultra-luxury cruise

Now Trending. 8/1/2021


Cruise News, The Rocky Mountaineer’s New US Route and Violet The Pilot

We talk about the cruise industry with David Yeskel, the Cruise Guru and get an update on some of the things going since the CDC in the US lifted their “no sail” order. The Path Back for the Cruise Industry – Informed Traveler, CKNW AM, Vancouver. 11/29/2020

CTV Cruise Industry Interview

David Yeskel on CTV’s Your Morning show discussing the state of the cruise industry and its comeback path. 11/16/2020

What’s the state of global cruise industry?

The State of the Cruise Industry where CGTN’s Rachelle Akuffo speaks to David Yeskel about the global cruise industry. – Global Business, CGTN America. 11/14/2020

How the Cruise Lines Will Convince Guests to Get Back Aboard

David Yeskel explains to CGTN America what it will take for the cruise lines to give guests the confidence to come back aboard – and why that’s critical. 5/11/2020

The Future of the Cruise Industry – What Will Cruising Look Like When it Starts Up Again?

David Yeskel discusses the massive changes coming to the cruise industry with Mark “Hawkeye” Louis on the “Travel With Hawkeye” podcast. 5/3/2020

Cruising After COVID-19: A Whole New World Awaits

The Cruise Guru, David Yeskel, visits with The Informed Traveler to discuss the future of Cruising Post-COVID-19. 4/19/2020

Getting Spoiled on Seabourn Cruises

The Cruise Guru explains to Randy Sharman of The Informed Traveler (Vancouver) why a Seabourn cruise comes close to perfection. Listen in starting at the 7:00 minute mark. 10/22/2019

Conversations with David Yeskel

Deanna Lee of KNDD Seattle talks to David Yeskel about where the current best values are in Las Vegas and in the cruise industry. 10/20/2019

Luxury on Seabourn and Value in the Caribbean

David Yeskel talks to Dallas radio and podcast host Mark “Hawkeye” Louis about Seabourn Cruise luxury and some unusual bargains in Caribbean cruises, all on the Travel With Hawkeye podcast. 09/15/2019

How to Take a Luxury Vacation on a Bargain Budget

How to Take a Luxury Vacation on a Bargain Budget CKLW Windsor/Detroit radio host Kara Ro asks David Yeskel how to find luxury travel on a bargain budget on TKO With Kara Ro. 08/12/2019

Tips for Getting Luxury for Less in Las Vegas

The Vegas Guru, David Yeskel, dishes on how to get luxury for less in Vegas with the hosts of CJAD Montreal’s Now Trending, starting at the 10:00 minute mark. 07/21/2019

The Vegas Guru on The Dan Rivers Show

David Yeskel talks to radio host Dan Rivers about what’s new in Las Vegas, along with some best-kept secrets, starting at the 102:00 minute mark. 5/3/19

David Yeskel on The Greek Zone

Listen to David Yeskel discuss Vegas with Greek on The Greek Zone, WINZ Miami. 4/30/19

The Cruise Guru shares tips and advice on how to book the right cruise for you

The Cruise Guru shares tips and advice on how to book the right cruise for you with hosts Orla and Andrea on CJAD Montreal’s “Now Trending” – starting at the 26:00 minute mark. 4/7/19

Cruise guru David Yeskel and updates on the Oscars

Listen to The Cruise Guru discuss all things cruise with the hilarious Maureen Langan on her KGO San Francisco show, “Hangin With Langan”. 2/24/19

How To Prevent Your Dream Cruise From Becoming A Nightmare

David Yeskel discusses the threat of norovirus and retiring on a cruise ship with “Consumer Talk” host Michael Finney on KGO San Francisco. 2/23/19

Why Cruises Represent the Best Vacation Value

The Cruise Guru is quoted explaining why cruises represent the best vacation value in this PolicyGenius blog post. 02/20/19

Why Cruising the Mediterranean in Winter has Several Advantages

Read David Yeskel’s tip in this Readers Digest story about why cruising the Mediterranean in winter has several advantages over the hot, crowded summer months. 02/12/19

Why the Newest Cruise Ships in the Industry are Game Changers

Listen to David Yeskel, The Cruise Guru, talk about the newest cruise ships in the industry – and why they’re game-changers – on the Travel With Hawkeye podcast. 02/10/19

Bidding for an Airline Seat Upgrade

Don’t even think about bidding for an airline seat upgrade until David Yeskel explains how to do it – the right way – in this USA Today story. 02/01/19

Cruising the Mediterranean in Winter is Your Best Bet

Read The Cruise Guru’s advice about why cruising the Mediterranean in winter is your best bet in this Reader’s Digest story. 12/20/19

18 Ways Cruises Have Evolved

David Yeskel lends his expertise to several slides in this MSN story re: the evolution of cruises. 10/15/18

This Is How A Medical Transport Membership Could Save Your Life

Read this insightful story on to learn why travel insurance is so important, and why David Yeskel recommends emergency evacuation coverage as the most crucial component of the insurance package. 9/8/18

Retire on a Cruise Ship? Better consider health care first…

Read this story on, particularly David Yeskel’s take on health care aboard, before you consider this as a viable option. 9/7/18

18 of the Most Luxurious Cruise Ships

Cruise Guru David Yeskel adds his expertise to this story by suggesting the inclusion of MSC Cruises’ new megaship, MSC Seaside. See his reasons why, and the full slideshow on 8/17/18.

Why AmaWaterways is a Leader in Danube River Cruising

Listen to David Yeskel talk to Randy Sharman on the Informed Traveler radio show about his recent experience sailing AmaWaterways on the Danube. David’s segment starts at the 16:45 minute mark. 8/5/18.

The Cruise Line “Arms Race” Continues

Cruise Guru David Yeskel adds his expertise to The Maritime Executive story about the never-ending game of one-upmanship played by the cruise lines. Read the full story on The Maritime Executive 8/1/18

Why Vegas Uncork’d is the Country’s Premier Culinary EventThe Hottest New Restaurants, Shows, and Accommodations

David Yeskel dishes on the country’s premier culinary event, Vegas Uncork’d, along with his picks for the hottest new restaurants, shows and accommodations on the “Travel With Hawkeye” podcast – starting just before the 8:00 minute mark 7/8/18

What’s Hot and New in Las Vegas Right Now

David Yeskel, aka The Vegas Guru, dishes on what’s new and what’s hot in Las Vegas right now on The Informed Traveler radio show 4/22/18

New Ships and Trends in the Cruise Industry

David Yeskel, aka The Cruise Guru, discusses new ships and trends in the cruise industry with Dallas radio host Mark “Hawkeye” Louis 4/30/18


HAL in Cuba and How Not to Get Kicked Off a Cruise

The Cruise Guru, David Yeskel, speaks about his recent Holland America Line sailing to Cuba and things to avoid doing while you’re on a cruise, with RMWorldTravel Connection radio hosts Robert and Mary Carey and Rudy Maxa 3/31/18



Inside Las Vegas Travel Information

David Yeskel, aka the Vegas Guru, talks Las Vegas travel on the What’s Cookin’ Today show with Michael Horn, starting at the 27:00 minute mark 3/12/18


Windstar Cruises Adventures in Panama and Costa Rica

David Yeskel, aka The Cruise Guru, reveals highlights of his Adventures in Costa Rica and Panama sailing on Windstar Cruises with radio host Randy Sharman 02/11/18


The City’s Hot New Attactions

David Yeskel, Vegas Guru, discusses the city’s hot new attractions with Mark “Hawkeye” Louis on the travel with Hawkeye podcast – 02/06/18

State of the Caribbean after Hurricane Irma

David Yeskel discusses the state of the Caribbean, along with cruise deals and tips with Mark “Hawkeye” Louis on the Travel With Hawkeye podcast – 11/13/17


Gourmet buffets in Las Vegas

David Yeskel dishes on the three top gourmet buffets in Vegas with Rudy Maxa on his nationally-syndicated radio show, “Rudy Maxa’s World With the Careys” – 11/11/17


How Holland America Line differentiates itself in the cruise industry

David Yeskel, aka The Cruise Guru, discusses how Holland America Line differentiates itself in the cruise industry on the nationally-syndicated radio show Rudy Maxa’s World With The Careys – 11/4/17


What’s Hot in Las Vegas

David Yeskel, The Vegas Guru, shares new events happening in Las Vegas on Fox 11 News. 9/22/17

8 Reasons to Book a Premium Cruise

Cruise Guru, David Yeskel provides his input on why MSC Cruises’ elevated cuisine makes a difference. Read the full article on U.S. News & World Report 10/12/17



Cheapest Times to visit all 50 States

David Yeskel offers expertise on the perfect time to visit Las Vegas. Read the full article here on GOBankingRating 9/6/17


Cruising The Baltic with Holland America

Cruise Guru, David Yeskel, offers some insight from his recent Baltic Cruise on Holland America. Listen on The Informed Traveler 07/30/17

30 Secrets to Save Big on Last-Minute Travel

David Yeskel advises potential cruisers about how to save on last-minute travel with his tips and tricks. Read the full article on GOBankingRates 06/07/17


Don’t Get Duped: 20 Ways Casinos Keep You Spending Money


David Yeskel was thrilled thrilled to be included in GOBankingRates story on keeping a close eye on your money when visiting Las Vegas Casinos. 06/16/17

David Yeskel Interviews on the Generation Bold Radio Show


David Yeskel discusses Las Vegas and cruises. Listen to the entire interview on BizTalk Radio, starting at the 30:00 minute mark.


25 Cruise Tips for Smooth Sailing on Your Next Cruise


David Yeskel provides tips and advice for getting the best cruise experience. Read the full article on Cheapism 04/06/17

50 Hotel Secrets that Only Insiders Know


David Yeskel helps you find the best hotel deals and rates. Read the full article on GOBankingRates 04/04/17

Las Vegas Vacation Secrets Only Insiders Know


David Yeskel shares his tips to enhance your vacation to Las Vegas with some of the city’s best kept secrets. Read the full article on MSN 03/30/07

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