Della’s Kitchen at Delano is a Hidden Gem

Only in Las Vegas would an 1,117-suite hotel tower be considered a “boutique” hotel, but, alas, Las Vegas operates on its own, very large, scale.  As the reincarnation of Thehotel at Mandalay Bay, Delano offers a quiet respite in a town better known for noise, excessive stimulation and 24/7 activity.  And Della’s Kitchen, the ground floor, farm-to-table restaurant serving breakfast and lunch in a comfortable room, is a hidden gem.  Top quality ingredients, expert preparation and exacting service combine to offer diners an experience that goes far beyond what they would expect from this unassuming eatery.  It’s one of my new favorite restaurants in Las Vegas; one that I’m sure won’t remain unheralded for long.  Oh, and did I mention that the homemade cookies are killer?

Della's Kitchen