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Guru in the News

18 of the Most Luxurious Cruise Ships

Cruise Guru David Yeskel adds his expertise to this story by suggesting the inclusion of MSC Cruises’ new megaship, MSC Seaside. See his reasons why, and the full slideshow on 8/17/18.

Why AmaWaterways is a Leader in Danube River Cruising

Listen to David Yeskel talk to Randy Sharman on the Informed Traveler radio show about his recent experience sailing AmaWaterways on the Danube. David’s segment starts at the 16:45 minute mark. 8/5/18.

The Cruise Line “Arms Race” Continues

Cruise Guru David Yeskel adds his expertise to The Maritime Executive story about the never-ending game of one-upmanship played by the cruise lines. Read the full story on The Maritime Executive 8/1/18

Why Vegas Uncork’d is the Country’s Premier Culinary EventThe Hottest New Restaurants, Shows, and Accommodations 

David Yeskel dishes on the country’s premier culinary event, Vegas Uncork’d, along with his picks for the hottest new restaurants, shows and accommodations on the “Travel With Hawkeye” podcast – starting just before the 8:00 minute mark  7/8/18

What’s Hot and New in Las Vegas Right Now

David Yeskel, aka The Vegas Guru, dishes on what’s new and what’s hot in Las Vegas right now on The Informed Traveler radio show 4/22/18

New Ships and Trends in the Cruise Industry 

David Yeskel, aka The Cruise Guru, discusses new ships and trends in the cruise industry with Dallas radio host Mark “Hawkeye” Louis 4/30/18

HAL in Cuba and How Not to Get Kicked Off a Cruise 

The Cruise Guru, David Yeskel, speaks about his recent Holland America Line sailing to Cuba and things to avoid doing while you’re on a cruise, with RMWorldTravel Connection radio hosts Robert and Mary Carey and Rudy Maxa 3/31/18


Inside Las Vegas Travel Information

David Yeskel, aka the Vegas Guru, talks Las Vegas travel on the What’s Cookin’ Today show with Michael Horn, starting at the 27:00 minute mark 3/12/18

Windstar Cruises Adventures in Panama and Costa Rica

David Yeskel, aka The Cruise Guru, reveals highlights of his Adventures in Costa Rica and Panama sailing on Windstar Cruises with radio host Randy Sharman 02/11/18

The City’s Hot New Attactions

David Yeskel, Vegas Guru, discusses the city’s hot new attractions with Mark “Hawkeye” Louis on the travel with Hawkeye podcast – 02/06/18


State of the Caribbean after Hurricane Irma 

David Yeskel discusses the state of the Caribbean, along with cruise deals and tips with Mark “Hawkeye” Louis on the Travel With Hawkeye podcast – 11/13/17 

Gourmet buffets in Las Vegas 

David Yeskel dishes on the three top gourmet buffets in Vegas with Rudy Maxa on his nationally-syndicated radio show, “Rudy Maxa’s World With the Careys” – 11/11/17

How Holland America Line differentiates itself in the cruise industry 

David Yeskel, aka The Cruise Guru, discusses how Holland America Line differentiates itself in the cruise industry on the nationally-syndicated radio show Rudy Maxa’s World With The Careys – 11/4/17



What’s Hot in Las Vegas

David Yeskel, The Vegas Guru, shares new events happening in Las Vegas on Fox 11 News.  9/22/17


8 Reasons to Book a Premium Cruise

Cruise Guru, David Yeskel provides his input on why MSC Cruises’ elevated cuisine makes a difference. Read the full article on U.S. News & World Report 10/12/17


 Cheapest Times to visit all 50 States

David Yeskel offers expertise on the perfect time to visit Las Vegas. Read the full article here on GOBankingRating 9/6/17

Cruising The Baltic with Holland America

Cruise Guru, David Yeskel, offers some insight from his recent Baltic Cruise on Holland America. Listen on The Informed Traveler 07/30/17

30 Secrets to Save Big on Last-Minute Travel

David Yeskel advises potential cruisers about how to save on last-minute travel with his tips and tricks. Read the full article on GOBankingRates  06/07/17


Don’t Get Duped: 20 Ways Casinos Keep You Spending Money

David Yeskel was thrilled thrilled to be included in GOBankingRates story on keeping a close eye on your money when visiting Las Vegas Casinos. 06/16/17


David Yeskel Interviews on the Generation Bold Radio Show

David Yeskel discusses Las Vegas and cruises. Listen to the entire interview on BizTalk Radio, starting at the 30:00 minute mark.





25 Cruise Tips for Smooth Sailing on Your Next Cruise

David Yeskel provides tips and advice for getting the best cruise experience. Read the full article on Cheapism 04/06/17




50 Hotel Secrets that Only Insiders Know

David Yeskel helps you find the best hotel deals and rates. Read the full article on GOBankingRates 04/04/17




Las Vegas Vacation Secrets Only Insiders Know

David Yeskel shares his tips to enhance your vacation to Las Vegas with some of the city’s best kept secrets. Read the full article on MSN 03/30/07





10 Things You Shouldn’t Do on a Cruise

David Yeskel shares his tips for avoiding cruising faux pas. Read the full article on US News: Travel and Yahoo 11/08/16

Why You Should Push Your Holiday Vacation to January

5_rawpixel-comshutterstock_300916889-848x477David Yeskel shares why January is the perfect month to go on a cruise.

Read the full article on Go Banking Rates



Vegas Talk on Travel With Hawkeye

The Las Vegas Guru, David Yeskel, talks Vegas with host Mark “Hawkeye” Louis on the Travel With Hawkeye podcast. To catch David Yeskel’s segment fast forward to 5:49 8/29/17

How To Enjoy a Fall Cruise on $100 a Day

4_maridav_shutterstock_332232827-848x477David Yeskel gives advice about booking shore excursions and how to not blow your budget on a cruise.

Read the full article on Go Banking Rates



9 Ways to Get Kicked Off a Cruise

kicked offDavid Yeskel gives his advice on what behavior is not acceptable on a cruise. Not following the rules might get a passenger kicked off the ship!

Read the full article on Fox News Travel



Cruise the Koningsdam on “Travel With Hawkeye”

Koningsdam Aerial Venice
Koningsdam Aerial Venice

David Yeskel talks about Holland America Line’s new Koningsdam with Mark “Hawkeye” Louis on Dallas/Ft. Worth Newstalk WBAP’s “Travel With Hawkeye”


Part 1

Part 2



HAL strikes a lively chord with music-inspired Koningsdam


The Cruise Guru, David Yeskel, has returned from the inaugural cruise on Holland America Line’s newest and biggest ship, the 2,650-passenger Koningsdam, and is quoted in Seatrade Cruise News on the wonderful food choices aboard the ship.

Read the full article on Seatrade Cruise News.


Las Vegas Tips on “The Travel Guys”

Le Reve

David Yeskel, The Vegas Guru, shares his tips at the 24 minute mark with The Travel Guys on the best buffets in Las Vegas, including where to find gourmet offerings like caviar and venison! David also shares his suggestions for budget friendly buffets too.   Keep listening as he ends the segment with his top three Cirque du Soleil shows.

Read the article and listen to the podcast.



Skip the Casino: 15 Ways to do Las Vegas on the Cheap

VEGASDavid Yeskel, The Vegas Guru, frames this article with his opening quote about balancing the guilty pleasures of Las Vegas with great deals.  When this intersection of fun and smart budgeting intersect, good things happen!

Read the full article at



Insider Tips: Best Secrets

Buffet at Wynn(2)

Listen in as The Vegas Guru, David Yeskel, dishes on his favorite hotels and buffets in Las Vegas! Listen to him discuss his “Best Secrets” on shows, shopping and happy hours with At Home with Cheryl & Sam.  Perfect advice for planning a trip with fun…and sometimes free…surprises.


Insider Tips: Luxury For Less


Listen to The Vegas Guru, David Yeskel, discuss “Luxury for Less” tips on the show At Home with Cheryl & Sam. There is “a lot to see and a lot to do” and David Yeskel gives you insider tips for a luxury experience while stretching the budget.


The Cruise Guru’s Review of the Upgraded Eurodam

eurodamListen to The Cruise Guru, David Yeskel, discuss his cruising experience aboard the recently upgraded Eurodam on National Travel Radio. Holland America’s upgrades to the Eurodam’s menus, venues, features and entertainment add up big changes for the venerable line. Listen to David Yeskel talk about what differentiates Holland America from the competition in the Caribbean.




How to Take Your Dream Vacation Without Spending an Arm and a Leg

len penzo cruisePlanning a dream vacation? Consider a cruise to reach exotic destinations while enjoying delicious food, pampering service and great entertainment.  The Cruise Guru, David Yeskel, provides a few tips for the best time of year to plan that dream vacation affordably.

Read the full article at Len Penzo dot Com.


“Best Bets” for Serenity on the Vegas Strip

choco fountainchoco fountain SMJoin The Travel Guys radio hosts Mark Hoffman and Tom Romano at the 11 minute mark as they discuss some Las Vegas “Best Bets” with The Vegas Guru, David Yeskel.  Is there a spot for a relaxing, serene stay in Los Vegas?  Absolutely, says David Yeskel if you book a stay at The Delano. Find out why the newly renovated property provides a Zen-like experience, especially if you plan a mid-week visit for the best room rates.  And be sure to listen in to learn about the best gourmet buffets on the strip…including the location of this chocolate fountain!

Podcast Link 



Exploring Las Vegas…

December 8, 2015

World Footprints will criss-cross the United States from Las Vegas, and Jacksonville, Florida to Wisconsin and we will put a spotlight on the rich history throughout the Czech Republic.  We will also stroll through North Little Rock, Arkansas and journey to Martinique.

Veteran travel journalist David Yeskel has seen the evolution of Las Vegas over the decades.  From its humble beginnings as “sin city” to the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas has survived the odds of a failing economy and multiple attempts to reinvent itself to become a burgeoning metropolis with 2 million residents.  But the city has also maintained a small-town feel for its residents amidst the bright lights and glamour.  David will offer a different perspective on Las Vegas as well as offer some essential travel tips that can maximize a visit to the city.

To listen to the interview, click here.

Tips to maximize your Las Vegas experience

December 8, 2015

Since 2003, Yeskel has written his annual “Las Vegas Best Bets” roundup for Travel Weekly. David gives several tips to maximize your Las Vegas experience.

“There’s no off-season when it comes to weekends in Vegas,” claims David Yeskel, aka The Vegas Guru. It’s important to speak with a veteran of the Las Vegas scene to know when and where to go, as the city is bound to be jammed with an influx of visitors from all over the world.

The Vegas Guru gives several good tips and advice for places to stay with less traffic. He says off-Strip resorts Red Rock Casino and the M Resort, where weekday stays can range anywhere from $100-200 a night, are great choices for getting away from the multitudes.

Listen for David’s tips at the 24:00 minute mark.

To listen to the interview, click here.


“Only in Vegas” Best Bets

Best-Free-Shows-in-Las-VegasThe Vegas Guru, David Yeskel, discusses some of his Vegas “Best Bets” for thrill seekers, foodies and families on the nationally syndicated radio program Rudy Maxa’s World . Listen to Yeskel discuss an out of this world magic show, a unique package at a plush indoor shooting range and the place to go for modern Italian pastas. Tune in at the 40 minute mark for David’s interview.




Travel Tips: How to buy a cruise


cruiseguru(The Washington Times)– November 23, 2015

“David Yeskel, aka The Cruise Guru at @cruiseguru_and, offers these tips and considerations for those who may choose to cruise in the coming months. His underlining piece of advice: Not all cruises are created equal and not all cruises are alike. Know what you want first for the fit to be right.

What are the top things to consider when searching for a cruise?
More and more with all the cruise choices available, travelers need to find the cruise that is the right fit for them, and this is becoming increasingly difficult because of the number of options available. Travelers need to focus on what is important to them.

What kinds of activities do you want to have access to on the ship? Ropes courses? Flow rider surfing machines and water slides? Or something slightly more sedate without the amusement park on the top deck?”


To read the full article, please visit here.

5 Cruise Myths Debunked

cruise-myths-heroNovember 17, 2015

Five Cruise Myths Debunked – 25 years of experience covering the cruise industry for the travel trades enables David Yeskel to apply history and context to current cruise topics. He joins us this week on National Travel Radio to debunk 5 myths about taking a cruise.




5 Bargain – Under the Radar – Holiday Destinations You Can Afford

msc_divinaThe Cruise Guru, David Yeskel, says there are a few “seagoing bargains” for the holiday season if you know where to find them.  Read the article in TheStreet for Yeskel’s surprise tips on the most affordable Caribbean cruise lines for a seagoing holiday adventure.

Read the full article on MSN Money!



Read This Before You Book a Cruise

shutterstock_174227435(The Points Guy) – July 21, 2015 – Cruising is a travel trend that doesn’t appear to be slowing down — more travelers are hitting the waves than ever before. Fancy mega-ships, affordable rates, all-inclusive pricing and a set-it-and-forget-it travel itinerary make it all the more enticing to take on the open seas. But for first-timers, booking a cruise can get a bit choppy. TPG Contributor Julie Loffredi tells us what every cruiser should know … before pulling out that credit card.

“Some of the best cruise deals are made available to those in the cruise lines’ loyalty programs, but few know that anyone can create an account on the lines’ websites and register to receive many of those same offers. For example, Holland America Line [which also has its own Mariner Society program] often sends great-value promotions to its registered guests. Choosing cruises during certain slow travel periods can yield incredible savings typically unavailable during busier times,” says cruise expert David Yeskel.

To read the full article, click here.

How Travel Agents Are Winning Back Customers By Delivering Valuable Expertise


NEW YORK (MainStreet) – Maybe it is time to bring back floppy disks, typewriters, even adding machines. That’s because – long ago filed in the dead-as-a-doornail category – travel agents are making a kind of return, at least for savvy, time-sensitive travelers, especially ones with complicated and/or expensive itineraries. It’s a fact: there are instances where you should probably book with a travel agent rather than going the DIY route with Expedia,, or any of the other big online travel agencies (OTAs).

Your best pick? Call a travel agent first — and in fact 90% of cruise vacations are booked through travel agents according to Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA). David Yeskel, aka the Travel Guru, added this about cruises: “There are very distinct differences between the cruise lines and their respective onboard features, service, cuisine and atmosphere that a consumer wouldn’t normally be aware of. Nor, for that matter, would an order-taker at an OTA’s call center. But with a few key questions, a full-service travel agent that is also a cruise specialist can guide a client towards a cruise that would be the right fit.”  

To read the full article, click here

Strong Dollar Makes European Cruises Affordable (MSC)


VIRGINIA (AddisonYachtCharters) – European cruises are once again on American travelers’ radar, after being disregarded in recent years due to the sky-high cost of trans-Atlantic airfare that often exceeded the price of the cruise itself.

Case in point: a current package promotion by MSC Cruises (a major European cruise operator with a small-but-growing U.S. presence) that offers roundtrip air to Barcelona, a 7-night Med cruise on MSC Divina and a 2-night Barcelona hotel stay, with all transfers, from $1,999. This is a deal that would have been unheard of, and financially impossible to pull off, in recent years.

Of all the vacation options available to travelers today, ocean cruises feature an unbeatable combination of amenities and value. Featuring luxurious accommodations, ultimate relaxation, gourmet cuisine and entertainment, modern cruise ships provide an enjoyable and effortless vacation at sea. And with rates starting as low as $50 per person, per day, cruises offer a value proposition that land-based resorts simply can’t match.

The Germaphobe’s Guide to Travel


(The Fashion Spot) – February 9, 2015 –  It’s a dirty world out there, but that doesn’t mean germaphobes can’t travel in peace (and maybe even enjoy themselves!) on vacation. Here’s what to watch out for, what to pack and how to feel more comfortable on public transportation and in hotel rooms.

Long flights can take their toll in other ways, too. The dry air in the cabin can wreak havoc on both your skin and your physical health. Sharing this air with your fellow passengers is a recipe for potential illness, so it may be helpful to use a decongestant and drink plenty of water throughout the flight. “Travelers should apply saline gel to the inside of their nostrils,” says travel journalist David Yeskel of From Sin City to Floating City. “The lubrication provides a defense against drying and cracking membranes that are a host for airborne viruses and bacteria.” Beauty mavens who want to touch up before touching down should always wash their hands for at least 20 seconds prior to making contact with their own skin.

To read the full article, click here.

Family Travel Budget Tips: Saving Money On Your Vacation


(Family Travel Magazine) – Consider a package deal, like those from Jetblue Getaways, which can help you save money on hotels and airfare.  “While many travelers already realize the inherent value of a cruise vacation (all meals, entertainment, accommodations and transportation included in the base price), only some are savvy enough take advantage of special rates afforded to kids. Cruise rates are typically shown as per person/double occupancy, but many lines often offer significantly reduced – or free – fares for the 3rd and 4th passengers in the same cabin. And while those 3rd/4th berths are typically small (sofabeds or Pullman-style bunks), they fit kids perfectly. The best 3rd/4thrates come and go and may only be offered on some sailings, so it’s wise to have a travel agent help search those out. Meanwhile, MSC Cruises, an Italian company with a limited presence in the Caribbean, offers a kids sail free promotion that is often matched by its primary competitor, Costa Cruises”. – David Yeskel, From Sin City to Floating City

The Airfare Flash Deal Face-off: Airfarewatchdog vs. The FlightDeal


According to, call it the face-off of the flash deal airfare sites: the 800-pound gorilla is, the upstart is and then there are new kids such as All exist to scratch this itch: you live in, say, Phoenix, you have a vacation week to burn and not a lot of cash. And you want to get out of town.

As for the flash deal airfare sites, understand, these are act now or forever hold your peace propositions. TheFightDeal expressly says that if a deal is dated more than two days ago probably it is tough luck, Charlie.

Which is better, TheFlightDeal or AirfareWatchDog?

Santa Monica, Calif. travel writer David Yeskel confirmed they both do a good job of finding flight deals. That’s key in this niche. A site has to patrol constantly for good deals which – pretty much by definition – will have short shelf lives.

Yeskel did offer a complaint. TheFlightDeal has cluttered its page with tabs to nowhere, such as a “Bad Deals” tab. Click on it, and the most recent update is March 2013. On AirFareWatchDog, Yeskel pointed to the “Airline Info” tab. Click it and, guess what, there’s no information on, say, Lan Chile or Garuda — that is, carriers with little visibility in the U.S. Instead, you will find links to info on the ten big U.S. carriers and couldn’t you have easily found that on your own? “Thin content devalues both these websites,” said Yeskel.

Click here to read the full article. 


Carnival Magic’s Ebola Scare Ends in Galveston


(Travel Market Report) – October 20, 2014 – The Ebola scare extended to the cruise industry last week when it was learned that a passenger aboard the 4,000-passenger Carnival Magic had been exposed to the virus. As events unfolded the scare proved to be just that—a scare—while travel agents commended Carnival’s handling of the incident.

They also said concerns over Ebola have been overblown.

The passenger, a lab supervisor who had worked with specimens from the Liberian patient who succumbed to the virus in a Dallas hospital, was on the Magic’s seven-day Caribbean cruise that sailed Oct. 12 from Galveston. After the government of Belize, a port call on the cruise, refused to allow the passenger to disembark and fly back to Texas, Carnival Cruise Lines said Mexican authorities delayed permission to dock in Cozumel for so long that the ship left to sail back to its home port in Galveston. Finally, the passenger—who with her spouse had been in isolation aboard the Magic—passed a blood test and was allowed to disembark ahead of the other passengers in Galveston yesterday.

David Yeskel, a former agent with The TravelStore in Los Angeles and a cruise expert who advises from, said concerns over Ebola have been overblown. Yeskel commended Carnival’s handling of the recent Carnival Magic incident. “The upshot is that there was really very little risk to anyone onboard,” Yeskel said.

“The fact that they missed a port call is disappointing but based on what we’re currently told by the CDC, if a passenger is not symptomatic then contagion isn’t an issue. “Typically cruise passengers are not coming in from West Africa, nor have they been there in their recent travels – and the same holds for the crew,” he added. “With the proper precautions taken via cruise line policies already in place and accurate self-reporting by passengers and crew, the risk is practically nil for an Ebola outbreak on a cruise vacation.”

Click here to read the full article.


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